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Mr. Abhijit Joshi

Top Management is headed by the owner/ proprietor/ founder of the firm, Mr. Abhijit Joshi, also having responsibility as a Chief Executive Officer. Max Industries & the Anker Family is his Vision for the future of Material Handling Industry.

Mr. Abhijit Joshi is a mechanical engineer graduate from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad – one of the esteemed & pioneer engineering colleges of Gujarat, also having a diploma in Production Engineering & Factory Management. He is certified as a Competent Person for Material Handling Industry by Chief Inspector of Factories – being one of the first ones to achieve so in Gujarat.

The product Chain Pulley Block – designed & developed by him – was certified for ISI Mark within two years of inception of the firm. Under his leadership the firm also achieved ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2003 by RWTUV-Germany (Now TUV-Nord) – though the practices for the ISO system were followed for years.

He holds 30 years of Experience in the Material Handling Industry and is the key person in development of all products in the product line-up today. He assumes the key responsibilities of design, development & top-level decision making to fulfill the vision of the Anker Family.

Mr. Ashish Joshi & Mr. Amit Joshi

Mr. Ashish Joshi & Mr. Amit Joshi are two Young Minds – sons of Mr. Abhijit Joshi having key responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director in the Max Industries. Both are graduates & scholars from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

Mr. Ashish Joshi, 24 is having an experience of 2 & half years in the field and his area of responsibilities include Production, Quality Control, Purchase and Co-Ordination with the Marketing Department.

Mr. Amit Joshi, 25 is having an experience of 1 & half years, joining just after his post-graduation in International Business from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune – also one of the Prime Management B-Schools in India. His responsibilities include Marketing, Finance, Information Management, Technology Upgradation and Project Management.

In last two years the Firm has seen an overall growth of 125 % and is now equipped with latest technological advances viz., CNC Machines, Inspection Instruments & other necessary facilities as a step towards fulfilling the vision of Anker Family.

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